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I want to produce jump rings, can you send me a quote for the machine?

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We do have several solution to produce jump rings.
The simplest solution is


This machine is fast and reliable on the condition that wire temper is soft and wire size thin.
The wire is wrapped onto the pin and cut afterward by a little blade which is installed on the pin itself, therefore the proportion between the pin and the wire diameter has to be proper…the pin diameter must be at least two times bigger than wire diameter.
According to the technology involved, obtaining a flush cut is not possible by this machine.
In fact the cut is always V shaped…see reference picture on the web link above.




The main difference between the 2 machines is that Ezlink was born to allow the assembling operation (even if it could work in continuous way too without stop in order to produce loose links).
While the NK20 is capable to produce different parts having different shapes (changing the tooling) but it doesn’t support the assembling.
Both the machines are suitable for flush cut.

Can you supply stainless steel springs for custom clasps?

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Yes, we can supply customized springs and for this purpose we ask you to send us few physical samples of the locks in order to be able to test the springs once the first test is completed.
Often the springs are items that need to be made with high precision and for that reason a test on a physical sample is essential.

Copyright and exclusive models.

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As regards models commissioned on your request, you may be required to sign a document in which you raise TEKA from any liability related to copyright / patent infringement or violation of intellectual rights.
We are a service company with a very varied clientele coming from different geographical areas of the world, we often work on your specifications and it is therefore impossible for us to be able to verify whether what we are asked to do violates any rule.
In fact, you are required to take full responsibility for the legitimacy of the models that you ask us to provide machinery for.

Customization of mold size blocks

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We try to use standardized die block holders and normally we CANNOT change the external dimensions of the block.
In special cases we can use die block holders provided by the customer, but it is a special condition that requires a prior agreement.

Can I use your molds on my press?

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Our molds are built with compatible standards, in most cases it is sufficient to mount the right upper drive pin on the mold.
A small series of interchangeable attachments of different sizes is normally supplied together with the mold.
However, we invite you to share technical informations about your presses.

Can you send me a sample of the product?

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We can send a sample of the product made with your machine or your mold before shipment, for your final OK (shipment at your charge)
Another thing concerns samples of existing items, in fact we are not happy to send our samples for various reasons:
– We do not manufacture samples but machines and molds and consequently their availability is limited and we risk being left without any of them.
– We always try to make samples but it takes time and they are usually never enough.
– Sending samples has a cost that we do not want to bear, we are a small company with a large number of customers and even admitted and not allowed to have enough samples to ship, shipments would cost too much.
– So even if we can send you samples, you must be prepared to pay for the shipping costs.

By which shipping method will I receive my order?

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It’s normally to agree.
We can ship the goods with the shipping method you prefer.
If you have a shipping account with a courier, you can provide us with your code.
You can also let us contact your agent to collect your package, in this case we remind you that you have to request the collection of the goods as we are not authorized.
We can also send a shipping quote requesting a quotation from our agent.
Obviously for oversize boxes we tend to use shipments by truck or by sea and for small / medium-sized parcels the air shipment.
In case of special requests, we invite you to contact us and inform us about your needs.

What are the delivery times?

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Delivery times are always described in the proforma invoice that we send and starts from the date of receipt of the deposit.
We always do our best to speed up the work but in any case Delivery times are to be considered indicative and not binding, we remind you that we are almost always working on taylor made items therfore processing are usually difficult to predict precisely.

What are the sales conditions?

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We usually ask for a 30% advance on the total balance to move on with production.
The remaining 70% will be requested before shipment.
For amounts lower than € 2,500 or for a first supply, full payment may be required in advance.

Can I pay by credit card?

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No, unfortunately we do not accept credit card payments.
The only payment connected to your credit card that we accept is Paypal, but that’s just for small amount lower than € 350.
We do not do e-commerce and normally our items are made following an order and often taylor made to customer specifications.

I would like to produce lobster clasps, can you send me a quote?

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In the case of lobster clasps we have a wide range of products, from the simple stamping tooling with manual assembly STANDARD SET to the fastest ADVANCET SET up to the production line for semi-automatic production that includes FOLD & WELD MACHINE and BUILDER. Please try to make us understand what are your needs are before asking for a quote.

Can you send me a complete catalog with all the models?

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We have produced hundreds of models in over 40 years of work, given the dimensions of our archive it is very difficult for us to offer you a complete photographic catalog.
We do our best to keep track of the most common items that you can find on our catalog page.
Furthermore, the models created are sometimes our creations and many other times are born from customers ideas, therefore some of them cannot be shown for privacy reasons.

Can you send me a quote?

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We are always very pleased to receive such requests, in any case, in order to make communication easier and more effective, we kindly ask you to try to understand which of our items might interest you using our website

How can I buy?

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First of all we suggest you write to us at we will help you choose the right item and / or define the models or machines that you may need.
Once we have defined the item (s) we will send you a quote and a proforma invoice with the sales conditions